RV/ Motorcycles
With RV/Motorcycle Roadside Assistance, you can enjoy the following benefits:

RV/Motorcycle towing up to 100 driving miles
RV tire change service
A total of four RV or motorcycle towing or RV tire change service calls per household each membership year (these calls are in addition to the four Roadside Assistance calls each cardholder receive per membership year)
Applies to RVs, recreational trailers, or motorcycles you own, borrow, or rent

RV and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance is an optional benefit. The following vehicles are eligible for this service: motorcycles licensed for highway use, motor homes, camper vans, cab-over campers, camping trailers fifth-wheel trailers, boat trailers, personal watercraft trailers, ATV trailers, Utility trailers carrying recreational vehicles or equipment, empty horse trailers.

Extended Roadside Assistance services for AAA PlusĀ®, AAA PremierĀ®, or optional RV and Motorcycle services are effective seven (7) calendar days after upgrade is processed, and receipt of the full payment due. Motorcycles that are registered for highway use and are not altered, constructed, or customized in such a way to cause damage or create a hazard when being serviced are eligible for service under RV and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance. Certain limitations on motorcycle towing apply. Boat trailers, personal watercraft trailers, and ATV trailers must be either empty or transporting recreational vehicles or equipment. Utility trailers must be carrying recreational equipment (for non-commercial use). Commercial trailers are excluded. Service does not include transportation of horses. Service will not be provided except on hard road surfaces regularly traveled by private passenger automobiles. For example, open fields, beaches, creek beds, private logging, or forest service roads and snow-filled lanes or driveways are excluded. Service will not be provided when the disabled vehicle cannot be safely reached or serviced without damage to the vehicle or servicing equipment. You or your adult or dependent associate must be with the RV or motorcycle to receive service. Service is generally provided by independent service providers. Members with Classic AAA benefits are responsible for fuel charges. RV and Motorcycle Towing and RV Tire Change benefits are subject to the provisions of the Member Guide.